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Mio lets you use your combination of Microsoft Teams, Slack, Webex, and Zoom Team Chat to send messages cross-platform. A workspace browser designed for anyone who wants to manage all of their apps from a centralized location, Rambox is an ideal solution for businesses and individuals. Something many will find helpful are the hotkeys built in to All-in-One. Pressing ⌘ + 3 in All-in-One on a Mac or Ctrl + 3 on a PC, Linux or Chrome will open the third chat tab — the same works for numbers 1 through 9. To jump to the tab to the right, press ⌘ + Option + Tab or ⌘ + Option + Right arrow on a Mac or Alt + Ctrl + Tab on a PC, Linux or Chrome. Adding shift to those commands will switch to the tab to the left.

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There is a paid version of the app, but it can also be used for free. WeChat is the most popular app in China, with more than 1 billion users. It offers the usual messaging app features like photo sharing, video, and voice calls. But with WeChat, you also get features like location sharing to help you find friends who are nearby, and you can share moments or snapshots of your day. You can now group chat with up to 500 people and enjoy group video calls with up to nine participants.

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Today, clubs and communities use Discord to stay in touch and facilitate meetings. It’s also an excellent way to meet people online because many digital communities form Discord groups to keep people connected. It’s also the only way to get started using Midjourney for AI image generation.

multi messenger app

With GroupMe, you can also send your videos as GIFs, delete messages, and report concerns about messages with just one tap. The latest features include the ability to delete direct message chats to clear your chat history, and the option for group owners to specify who can delete messages in their groups. GroupMe has also seen a visual redesign, with new Topic chats meant for large group conversations. Once messages are deleted from Dust, they can never be recovered, giving you complete control over your privacy. One of the most popular features is Blasts, where you can share your pictures and thoughts with your followers — they’ll expire after 24 hours, just like messages. Viber Out is a feature that allows you to make international and domestic calls at low rates.

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The good thing is that it also has a high compatibility with several applications. If you want to create multiple accounts on instant messengers that are not WhatsApp, it is one of the most suitable. Much like our other options, 2Accounts is another good alternative. It is fast, lightweight and works great for having more than one account across multiple apps and social networks.

multi messenger app

This is especially true for those who an account for personal use and another account for their job. It is common to see the same situation with those who work with social networks and social media managing, since it is necessary to keep changing the login information all the time. In the case of WhatsApp, not even this is possible without resorting to an alternative that allows you to use two instant messengers simultaneously. Boasting millions of active users, Telegram bills itself as the fastest messaging app around.

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All-in-One Messenger’s features include a customizable interface that allows you to change the platform’s appearance, manage push notifications, or switch to dark mode. It also supports multiple instances of multi platform messenger a single messenger, such as Slack or WhatsApp, making the app especially useful for managing multiple accounts. With over 1.3 billion users worldwide, this popular app will automatically add your contacts.

  • Adding shift to those commands will switch to the tab to the left.
  • All-in-One Messenger is one of the best productivity tools you never knew you needed.
  • Our business model means that our interests are 100% aligned with our customers.
  • Franz and Rambox add Gmail, Inbox and Outlook support, while Rambox includes Hushmail, mysms, Voxer, Outlook 365 and many others, as well as the ability to add other chat services manually.
  • Recently added features include shareable folders to sort your group chats and custom wallpapers for 1-on-1 chats.

Some messaging services that are not designed for privacy require a unique phone number for sign-up, as a form of identity verification and to prevent users from creating multiple accounts. It goes without saying that an all-in-one messenger app is one of the must-have apps for all businesses out there. Managing dozens of instant messaging apps is just way too time-consuming for your business and not an economically-wise solution for your company. Integrating all the notifications into one app can help you streamline everything on your work agenda into one smooth flow, so you can focus your efforts and truly let your business grow. Since it has support for Google Calendar as well, it’s easy to go from chatting to someone about a meeting to putting it in the schedule.

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Known for its fast and reliable messaging no matter what network you’re connected to, KakaoTalk has become the go-to for many. A standout feature is the integration of e-commerce in the app. KakaoTalk gives users exclusive coupons and deals from popular brands to share with their friends and family. These media messages are fleeting; they’re typically on one’s screen for a few seconds before they’re automatically deleted. You and your friend can continue to send “snaps” back and forth, and the messages will generally disappear every time. The app comes with several fun filters and photo editing software, and it’s Bitmoji–compatible.

A new tab will be added everytime you select another platform so instead of opening many applications on your desktop or tabs on your browser, you can manage all communication in a single app. This is convenient and a much less confusing way than having your chat boxes scattered in individual windows on your desktop. Switching between chat boxes are also made easier with the use of hotkeys or shortcuts. Wickr Me is a secure messaging app that lets you send private text, photos, voice, and video messages, with end-to-end encryption. Messages self-destruct, with a configurable timer and a Shredder feature that securely erases attached files, photos, and other data. You can start individual conversations or join group chats of up to 10 participants, and you don’t need an email address or phone number to register with the app.

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There is support for stickers and GIFs, photo and video editing, and group chats for up to 200,000 people. Recently added features include shareable folders to sort your group chats and custom wallpapers for 1-on-1 chats. One of the things that is so attractive about this app, other than its massive popularity, is the addition of end-to-end encryption for privacy and security, though it is owned by Meta (Facebook). It also supports GIFs and Snapchat-like editing features for fun.

multi messenger app

Franz and Rambox add Gmail, Inbox and Outlook support, while Rambox includes Hushmail, mysms, Voxer, Outlook 365 and many others, as well as the ability to add other chat services manually. Franz and Rambox are available as native applications, so you can’t use them from a Chrome OS computer, such as a Chromebook. Calls to landlines and free Line to Line video or voice calls are available.

The 16 best messaging apps for Android and iOS in 2023

They deliver incredible open rates and keep readers engaged. Find out how they work, and what options messaging app newsletters offer you. When you have the best iPhone, you pretty much have infinite possibilities to keep you busy and entertained, no matter where you are. Sure, the iPhone may not be marketed as a gaming phone specifically, but it’s pretty powerful — especially with the A16 Bionic in the latest iPhone 14 Pro. And the mobile gaming experience is only set to get better, with the much-anticipated iPhone 15 rumored to introduce a faster A17 chip with six GPU cores and support for up to 6GB of RAM. If gamers are worried that typing out chats could get in the way of their gameplay, they can use Discord’s voice chat feature for hands-free communication.

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