Warranty Terms and Conditions

Within 30 days of Purchase
Cutting boards and butcher blocks are 100% warrantied against all manufacturer defects within 30 days of purchase. A replacement board will be shipped to you for free after we arrange to have the defective board sent back to us at our cost.

3 Months After Purchase
Cutting boards are guaranteed against splitting, cracking and warping within 3 months of purchase. You are required to show a proof of purchase of cutting board within 30 days of your order with orodemark.com, to show adequate maintenance was followed. A replacement board will be sent to you for free.

Exceptions to warranty

For any of the above time periods, our warranty is void should any of the following be discovered items were put through the dishwasher, items were exposed to excessive heat or cold, items were physically modified, items were kept in excessive conditions of humidity or dryness, items were physically abused or used for purposes other than which it was intended.

Cutting boards and blocks must be oiled at least once per month
Must be able to provide a show photo evidence of oiled board for every 3 months of ownership

This warranty guarantees that your purchase will be free from factory defects for a period of one year from the time of purchase, provided that you adequately maintain and upkeep your product.

Activate your warranty certificate here

Care and maintenance of your cutting board

Wash your cutting board with soap and warm water and scrub well.
After washing the cutting board, dry immediately with a towel and let it air dry standing up or on a raised rack with air flow.


Put the board in the dishwasher. The heat and water will warp and splinter the wood AND void warranties from most manufacturers. Only plastic, composite or glass boards can go into the dishwasher.
Dunk or let the board in stand in water. The wood will absorb water and potentially warp.
Use bleach. This will stain the wood and/or excessively dry the wood.
Put a wet board flat to dry. If the board dries on one side, it will cause the wood to warp.
If your board has stains or smells, you can use lemon juice or white vinegar directly on the area. The acid in these liquids will neutralize the organic material or fats causing the problem.

Let your cutting board sit on a wire rack or upright to dry when done. If you are restoring or seasoning an old, dry or new cutting board, you may wish to repeat this process two more times, to ensure your cutting board is completely seasoned.

To apply board cream, wait until the board is dry after washing or oiling, then apply a small amount of cream onto the board. Using a soft cloth, buff the cream/wax into the wood in a circular pattern, forming a thin coat. Repeat over the entire surface of the board and especially the sides. It’s not necessary to let the wax soak into the board.

We recommended you oil your cutting board every month or when dry to the touch. Board cream should be applied at the same time as oiling.

Why Use Cutting Board Oils and Board Creams?
The goal of board oil is to penetrate the wood and saturate the wood fibers, in order to stop any other liquids (blood, bacteria) and moisture from soaking into the board. As well, a well-oiled cutting board will keep the same shape when the wood fibers are saturated, so it will not expand and shrink compared to a board that is left to completely dry, then exposed to water. This shrinking and expanding effect is the main cause of warped cutting boards.

While board oil penetrates the wood, board cream/wax acts as a physical barrier on the surface of the wood that protects against stains and liquids. The wax also aids in sanitation,

we do not recommend natural oils such as vegetable, corn, olive, peanut or walnut oil, as these are rich in fats that will eventually oxidize and go rancid, creating a foul smelling board.

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