Handcrafted. High Quality. 


Handcrafted. High Quality. 


Acacia is a popular wood for cutting boards because of its beauty, durability and strength. Its seeds and leaves have long been used for medicinal purposes; its essence made into sweet-smelling perfumes. By using our Acacia cutting boards, you can enjoy healthier meals with minimal effort

Beautiful Designs

Acacia is known for its aesthetic appeal and elegant appearance. Make your kitchen sparkle with the natural, beautiful and radiant appearance of your acacia cutting board.

Quality Culinary Functionality

Nothing beats the feel and function of an acacia cutting board. Enjoy cutting your meats and vegetables with this durable, end-grain cutting board


Cutting Boards is handcrafted by expert artisans who know how to work acacia words, turning them into beautiful and functional cutting boards. Product name is made with varied end-grain patterns, set in with natural coloring and infused with natural durability. Being a large cutting board, (Product Name) you can speed up your workflow in the kitchen and enjoy a delicious meal fast!

Durability & Elegance

Our gorgeous end grain cutting board is the perfect tool for food preparation. With its end-grain build, knife cuts are barely visible, as the board holds firm even when cutting tough chow. Our board is also great for serving food at mealtimes.

Innovative Design & Convenience

With a butcher style design, this board allows for great cutting performance. Set in with recessed handles, the board gives you great grip for convenient cutting, lifting, carrying or serving of.


Acacia is a genuine hard wood, full of natural oils that make it totally water resistant. As long as it is occasionally oiled; trapped-in moisture and mold that ordinarily wear down plastic will always be impossible with acacia wood.

Germ Resilient

Unlike plastic boards, acacia cutting boards are made of tough wood materials that do not trap bacteria. Having a thick texture that resist knife marks; a wooden board is the healthier choice over plastic. Bacteria which infiltrate meals find it impossible to hide in acacia wood.

The Perfect Gift

Looking for the perfect gift for a friend or family member, you can never go wrong with an acacia cutting board. With its sleek, unique appearance, deep grooves, and versatility in the home, anyone would feel happy to receive such a gift.

Smart Features


Premium Cutting Board

Enjoy this truly amazing piece that so elegantly beautifies your kitchen countertop. This board is truly a workhouse for cutting chores and serving meals. .

High Quality Wood Sourced

Our cutting board is made from natural acacia wood. The moderate hardness of this wood keeps your knife blades from getting blunt and ensures the board lasts for a long time.

Easy Care

Our board is easy to clean using warm water and dry cloth. No need to place in a dishwasher, simply oil it monthly with food-grade mineral oil. You can also sandpaper it to make it look as good as new.


Acacia is a natural wood that holds a special place in holistic medicine and perfume making. For many centuries, acacia was used to cure diseases. Today, its leaves and wood are used in decorative art, flooring, furniture finishing and of course, kitchen use. Acacia wood is divinely good; that is why they are the most popular wooden cutting boards.

Yes, wooden cutting boards use environmentally-friendly materials. Wood also has anti-microbial properties. Therefore, bacteria that emerge from raw meat do not linger on acacia boards like they do with plastic. Also, wooden boards provide a stronger surface for chopping up foods and for holding meal bowls and soups at mealtime. Wooden cutting boards also have aesthetic appeal that beautifies your kitchen space.

Among all wooden boards, end-grain cutting boards are the most durable. These boards can hide knife marks and look as good as new with a little oil polish. They also keep your knife sharp unlike plastic or wooden cutting boards that blunt your knife after prolonged use.

We have one of the best end-grain acacia cutting boards right here. Simply visit our shop to place your order. What’s more, you get a 20% discount on all your purchases.

What customers think about our Premium
Acacia End Grain Cutting Board

Looks great on my counter
United States on February 2, 2020
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Looks really nice. Good heft and pretty thick. My only concern is it showes knife cuts pretty noticably because of the contrast between the dark finish and the light interior.
Great board for food and knives!
United States on April 18, 2021
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Great quality! I got it, oiled it for 2; hours and waxed it and it’s been supply supporting my decently expensive Shun knives. Old board would show cut marks and dry out very quickly. Board is also soft enough to not have to concern knife chipping or dulling. Acacia and Walnut are the only way to go!
Just beautiful
Australia on October 10, 2021
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A beautiful piece that would lift almost any kitchen bench top yet designed with practicalities front and centre. A quality item that I will be admiring, and using, for some time.
Just WOW
United States
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I am so happy with this purchase, a beautiful cutting board. It really spruced up my kitchen, just looks great on my counter. Want to say thanks for the great craftsmanship. Will purchase again in the future, as a gift for someone cause I think I just bought my last one for the rest of my life.
Beautiful cutting board!
United States
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Beautiful cutting board! Great Price, Protective packing, & Fast shipping. After looking at cutting boards on a few sites, settled on this one. Most of the other ones I found were over-priced. Look forward to using it for years to come!
Nice Cutting Board!
United States
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I wasn't sure I should get a "nice" cutting board (it's just a hunk of wood, right?) But this is really worth the cost! I like it so much, I'm thinking about buying more and giving them as Christmas gifts.
Beautiful cutting board!
United States on March 18, 2020
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I hesitated to pay so much for a cutting board but it is worth the price. The quality is excellent. Another reviewer mentioned visible knife marks. But sooner or later any board will show these marks. Knife marks aren't as noticeable on this board because the wood is patterned and dark.

Warranty Terms and Conditions

Cutting boards and butcher blocks are 100% warrantied against all manufacturer defects within 30 days of purchase.

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